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    • The list: To receive the list of Babysitters from "Baby-Sitting an der Gemeng  Hesper a.s.b.l." you have to be a member of the association. Each member, who wishes so, will receive the latest list of Babysitters at least once a year. Each time we update the list, the members will be sent a new list by e-mail. Our lists are only sent in exceptional cases by postal mail. The list informs you about the Babysitters, whether they are boys or girls, their name, address, phone number, day of birth, the language they speak, and any notes on training or availability.
    • The training: All Babysitters are trained. Either the have completed their training with us, with AFP-services or another equivalent or higher training. In addition, many have some years of experience in this domain. Some have also completed a first aid training. All babysitters are at least 15 years old.
    • Choose the babysitter: Once you have the list, find a Babysitter, call him / her and make any arrangements with him / her. Availability, date, length of Babysitting, price etc. should be clarified together and in advance. It is best if the Babysitter, parents and child (children) meet in advance.
    • The price: The first time you contact the Babysitter, usually by phone, the price is negotiated. The board of the association is recommends a price (price proposal), as the association is not involved in the profit! The price depends on the duration, the time and the availability. Through a conversation, the two partners should agree on the price and the performance. Of course you have to pay the Babysitter the same evening. Best is cash. The Babysitters certainly do not accept credit cards or "chèques services".
Our price proposal
Age of the Babysitter   Price per hour for the first child
15 years   6,00 €
16 years   6,50 €
17 years   7,00 €
18 years and more   9,00 €
Extra for each additional child: + 1,00 € per hour
For special services (for example: transporting children by car) an extra price may be asked.

Babysitter Training:

Every year we organize an training for our Babysitters. Registrations must be made by form and the enrollment must be prepaid to our account. We accept our candidates when they are at least 15 years old.
Alternatively, training can be done with AFP-services. In this case you should send us your certificate of participation.
Only when the candidates have sufficient training, we include them on our list.
Registration for the Babysitter training